Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How much significant is puja in Hindu culture?

Puja is an old way to worship Gods and it is common in Hindu households. People do puja on daily basis and during auspicious ceremonies and festivities. It allows Hindu people to revere their gods and goddesses. People respect their gods during puja and try to win their heart to be protected at the times of trouble and difficulties. Every God has some diverse power and they protect the human beings at different times of the life. There is a significant importance of everything used at the time of worship.

Statue of deity

The puja is performed in front of the Gods statues. These statues are properly decorated for the auspicious ceremonies. Hindus accept statue worship as a simple way to express their faith, love, and devotion to God. These statues are also considered as an auspicious gift to anybody. They are known to bring health, good fortune, and wealth in the home. This is the reason Hindus gift these statues as a form of good luck on different occasions and festivals.

Importance of puja

The main aim of puja is to reduce worries and tensions that are hovering on any person’s life. They are performed with various mantras and rituals that help in promoting good health and wealth in anyone’s life. There are distinct puja items used in a worship ceremony. Puja thali is used on which there is a wide range of spiritual accessories used at time of worshipping gods.

Every worship has some positive effect in different phases of human’s life. A person who is struggling hard in his life or going through a bad phase in life can reduce hardships by performing different types of worships according to the priests.

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